TitanPoker Flash Quick Review

On July 28, 2009 Titan Poker gave us the honor of having the first look of the Flash Titan Poker version which works on Macs. It has really good graphics but since it was literally just launched they will be continually working on the Flash.

Titan is really good about depositing money into your account for no reason. Very often you will login and receive $10 for doing nothing. The website is quite popular in the UK but doesn’t allow players from the United States.

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Titan Poker Bonus

The bonus is always changing but usually it sticks around $2000. For the bonus you get 200% up to $2000. The bonus is released quickly if you play above $.5/1 games. The most recent bonus code for Titanpoker is located at our bonus review.

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$10 Mystery Titan Bonus

If you haven’t played at the site in a long time Titan Poker will sometimes put money into your account. If your account is empty it’s not uncommon to log in and find $10 in your account. They are the only online poker room that I know of that does this on a regular basis. Party Poker is known to do this but they rarely do it anymore. They used to put $50 and $100 into my account regularly for no reason at all. Loyalty I guess and a reason to get me readdicted.

TitanPoker.com Software and Graphics

Titan Poker is known for their graphics that give a feel of 3D. They used to have a full 3D style poker room but no longer offer that mode. The 3D games were just too cumbersome and players didn’t like the way it set up so they got rid of those features. The player avatars can talk but they only say stuff like fold, check and stuff to that nature.

You can set the software to a full screen mode if you like. To do this all you have to do is click on options in the software program. Click on full screen mode and the table will take up the entire screen. This is great if that is all you are going to do is play. If you’re trying to do multiple things like “work” it’s not a good idea. It’s harder to quickly click the minimize button when your boss walks by.

Tourneys and Sit and Go’s

Titan Poker has a bunch of tournaments to choose from. Their biggest tournament is the $100,000k guaranteed tournament. They have a bunch of guaranteed tournaments to choose from.

Their unique tournaments are called the Jackpot Sit n Go tournaments. This is something I have never seen before in online poker. If you win a certain number of Sit n Go’s you win an extra prize. It all depends on the buy-in of the tournament as to what the Jackpot is. Here is an example of how good the payouts are. If you win 4 in a row at a $2.50 buy in level you get an extra $2000. The bigger Jackpots are the $50+7 tournaments where you can win over $100,000 as a Jackpot if you win 6 in a row. These Jackpots are on top of the normal payouts. The way they do it is they charge a little more in the entry fee.

Along with the regular Sit n Go, Multitable tournaments, and Heads up Tournaments they have what is called their “Student” tournaments. These tournaments are geared for the college students and they are freerolls. The freerolls generally have a pot size of $75-$2000 and are private tournaments.

TitanPoker.com Games

The poker room software also has some Flash casino games as well as a download Titan Casino. The poker games include Texas Holdem,

Omaha , Omaha Hi-Low and tournaments. The game selection is pretty weak but most people only play Texas Holdem these days anyway. The casino that is connected offers Roulette, Blackjack, Gold Rally and a couple other casino poker games.

Best Attributes of TitanPoker.com

Titan gives a lot of free money out and one of the only Flash poker softwares in use instead of Java. It’s always nice to log into your account and see free money waiting for you. It’s usually only ten bucks but that’s still a low limit sit n go. You can always turn that $10 into something a lot bigger.

Worst Attributes of Titanpoker

There is nothing major that is really bad about the site. I wasn’t too fond of the way the cards looked on the table. They are really big and almost distractingly big. The cards are as big as the people so it just looks a little off. We had no major problems with Titan Poker.

Live Support Team

Titan Poker used to have a live support team which was nice because they gave you free money to start out. They don’t do that anymore but hopefully they will add it back in the future. Titan is also good with support in multiple languages as they have gone global since the UIGEA and become one of the larger networks overseas.

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