Using Wine to Play Poker

Step 1. Fully install and download all of the binary for Wine and Winetools.

Step 2. Go through the base setup using Winetools. You need to go through installation and setup for the Windows system programs and also the TrueType core fonts. Doing this will start your Wine application.

Running a Poker Room on Wine

Now you can begin to download the software from the poker room. I’d say the most popular is Pokerstars (does not accept USA players).

Step 3. Go to your chosen online poker room and download the Install.exe file. It will say Pokerroominstall.exe. We recommend using one of the poker rooms listed below. These are the 7 poker rooms that run the best using Wine.

Step 4. You will then need to save it to the /tmp and start the command to run it. The format will look like this for the command.
wine /tmp/compatiblepoker.exe

Step 5. The download will begin so just accept and go through the basic steps that normally occur. You will have to accept the licensing agreements of the poker room.

Step 6. After installation of the software you should go ahead and install it in C:\ If you can’t find it look under ~/.wine which is where it will be.

Step 7. The last step is to reboot Wine. You do not have to reboot Linux. To reboot Wine just enter wineboot and the process will only take a few seconds and you will be ready to play.

There should be a poker button located on your desktop because of the installation process. If there is no icon you have to find the install directory and run it from there with the command wine.

The results may vary on how good the poker room runs depending on which version of Wine you run and also which poker room you choose. We recommend running Wine20050211 or Wine 20050524.

Party Poker on Wine

Party Poker works very well with Wine although you no longer need it if you use the Instant Play software. You can play tournaments, fake money and real money using Wine. We did encounter one problem. When you play for real money it doesn’t always show the amount of money the other player has in front of them. Some Wine users have said that they get an error when trying to leave the software but we did not have this problem.


We recommend using Suse 10.0 Linux and Wine .9.9. If you are currently running Gentoo then you should have success with that system as well. Winetools is not needed for this install and we do not recommend it.

These systems will also work with .0.9.3 and .0.9.8. We advise to use .0.9.9 if you do not already have these other versions installed. The instructions for .0.9.8 are exactly the same as .0.9.9 which we will now show you. If you want to use .0.9.3 go to the bottom of this page.

Link Downloads – You will need the following link downloads to complete the next steps.

Step 1. First you will need to download the appropriate system. We recommend Suse 10.0.

Step 2. The next step is to run the Winecfg command. You will notice that an error pops up telling you that there was no audio found. To correct this error you will have to redo the

OSS driver. Check it then uncheck it and the error will be fixed and finish by clicking ok or accept.

Step 3. Mozilla Active X – If you do not already have Mozilla Active X then you will need to install it. If you have any sort of popup blocker set you will need to turn it off to begin the download.

Step 4. Tahoma Font – You need Tahoma font for things to look correct.

Step 5. Mozilla Firefox Download – Next you will need Firefox. Make sure to set Firefox as the main browser. Click yes to the question it ask about setting it as the main browser. Doing this is very important. If you do not your Poker Site lobby will now show correctly.

Step 6. Pokerstars download – Next you need to get the Poker Stars software. Run Poker Stars in Wine using runapp.exe home/YOURNAME/.wine/drive_c/program files/pokerstars . If you get a blank screen when you install Poker Stars then your ActiveX did not install properly. You must reinstall ActiveX properly located in Step 3.

Step 7. Register and play.

Installing Using .0.9.3

The install using .0.9.3 is very simple but there are some necessary downloads to begin. The download of msvcp60.dll and mfc42 is very important. In the steps we show you where to get these files. They are free of charge. You will need to know how to zip and unzip files to download msvcp60.dll. will show you at the download source if you do not already know how. Here is the process and download information.

Step 1.
Go to and download msvcp60.dll and mfc42.

Step 2.
Tahoma Font download – You will now need Tahoma font if you do not already have it. Chances are you don’t so go ahead and download it just in case.

Step 3. Mozilla Active X – You will need Mozilla Active X so that you do not see a blank screen when you try to play Party Poker. This step is very important don’t skip it.

Step 4. PokerStars download – Visit and download Poker Stars from their website.

Step 5. Register to play.

This should be all you need to download and play at Party Poker. Please note that if you are going to use Gentoo then the process is the same. Both should work just as good. Incidentally Texas Holdem is not the only gaming software you can run Wine with. Most online casinos will run well with wine but as of right now we don’t have detailed instructions for that.

Disclaimer: Running Wine or Dual Booting to your computer can cause harm or a loss of data. Compatiblepoker is not responsible for damage or losses.

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