Responsible Gambling

Addiction can hurt not just you!

Ah the rush of online poker and gambling. The thrill of winning a big hand is what keeps you coming back. For some that’s not all that keeps them coming back.

Online gambling addiction is a serious problem and has the ability to crumble your future. Seeking professional help may sound unnecessary but in a lot of cases it is essential to recovery. Gambling can be just as if not more addictive than some drugs. Personalities and various medical issues can cause stronger addictions and that is why we strongly promote responsible gambling.

Do you have a gambling problem?

Here is a group of questions we have devised from personal experience that may help you determine if you have a gambling problem. This not a professional diagnosis of addiction but is taken from real accounts.

1. Do you crave to gamble and feel you must have it to satisfy your craving?
2. When you set limits do you keep them?
3. Have you ever lied so that you could gamble without anyone knowing?
4. Do you gamble at work or times you know you shouldn’t?
5. Do you find it hard to focus on certain tasks because of thoughts of gambling?
6. Have you ever gotten the shakes or felt edgy because you wanted to gamble?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you might want to take a look at some of the sites we provided.
We advocate if you feel you have an addictive personality or have had problems with other addictions to not play online poker or at casinos online. There are safety measures in place at poker sites and casinos for players with these types of problems but the best way to stop addiction is to prevent it from happening.

Underage Gambling (GX4) has teamed up with to promote Responsible Gambling by only promoting sites that respect and encourage responsible gambling. Underage gambling is a problem as the internet highways make it easier for younger kids to access all types of adult sites. Gx4 is a resource which strives to prevent underage gambling through proven techniques and stop tactics.

Gx4 has also teamed up with poker rooms and casinos to put in place maximum gambling wages and age limit procedures to further responsible gambling online. One of Gx4’s largest associations is with PokerRoom. They have developed a feature that lets players set maximum betting limits for the day/week/ or month. Some poker players use this method to prevent them from going on tilt and some use it for addictive problem stoppers. Professional help can be sought at

Protecting Yourself (eCOGRA)

Ecogra is another program we support. Their work stems from a need for online gambling protection. Ecogra strives to protect players by running check and balances through accounting firms to make sure the sites we play on our safe. At many poker sites and casinos you will notice the “Play it safe” logo listed. This means that poker room is Ecogra certified. is Ecogra certified as a reputable gaming portal.

Gamblers Anonymous Online is another website we recommend visiting if you feel the need. At you can take surveys and fill out forms to check for an addictive personality. If you feel a member of your family has a gambling problem you can go here. The association grew from a 2 man meeting to a world wide support for people who became miserable because of gambling and needed help. A 12 step recovery program was created by the members and professionals.

If you have any questions about responsible gambling please contact us or the referenced pages.


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