Big Pairs Against Better Players

Since big pairs are easy to spot you will have to play them much differently against better players. Good players know to alter their play all together against better players.  Big pairs need special consideration when playing against the seasoned pro.

Any time you re-raise a pot pre-flop it generally sets off a bell in a good players head saying that you have aces, kings, or queens.  Pros know how intermediate players bet so the “Norm” strategy needs some mixed up.  Also, big pair Sit and Go strategy verys slightly as well.

How to Confuse Better Players

To confuse a better player you can sometimes slow play your big pairs on occasion. You must remember that once you decide to slow play you can not become too attached to your hand. If you get put under too much pressure you should not mind folding it.  Not folding a big pair even when a player knows he’s beat is very common in the average player.

Slow playing a big pair, or AK, can really throw off a better player. Remember, the good player is always trying to put you on a hand. If you slow play aces they have no idea what you have but remember slow playing can always back fire so let go of them if you have to.

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