Flopping a Set with All Face Cards on Board

This type of hand is where you start licking your chops. This is where you will get paid off against just about anyone. The situation is when you flop a set and there is nothing but high cards on board.

If you limped in with your hand there is a good chance someone has top pair. You do not want to slow play this hand because there is no need to. You will get paid off by betting big and not letting your opponent get off cheap. They know they are obligated to call and only an advanced player knows when to get away from top pair. The good thing is most players are not good poker players.

When you flop a set you should go ahead and bet the size of the pot at least. Once you get called you have to examine the board. Generally if the board was all high cards they could be on a gut shot straight at most. Also it is unlikely they have two pair because they would have raised pre-flop with a Ak, KQ, or AJ so that rules out the potential for two pair. They have top pair or a belly buster straight draw.

In most instances when you flop a set with all high cards on board you want to bet just enough for them to feel obligated to call with top pair. Good players will let down top pair if their kicker is bad. Poor players will go to the end with it. This will keep out the gut shots and extract chips from the player with top pair.

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