Heads Up Poker Tips

Heads Up Poker Strategy Heads up play is probably one of the most difficult games to get accustomed to. Wether you’re the last two standing in a tournament or you’re simply playing a heads up cash game you must know the proper strategy. Here is an outline of how the best players in the world tend to look at heads up play.

Aggression is key

You always want to be the aggressor. It is essential to understand that in heads up play what normally is considered a bad hand should be considered a great hand. Top pair is huge and bottom pair ain’t that bad either.  Texaslimitking from Fulltiltpoker is a perfect example.  He is the best Limit internet poker pro probably ever, and his aggression is paramount to his success.

What Hands to Play Heads Up

You want to play just about every hand and see the flop. If your opponent only bets a little you should call. Something like 46 is not a bad hand just because your opponent raised.

The battle of crap

Most of the time it’s a battle of the worst hand. In heads up play its very rare that either of you are actually making monsters. It’s usually the battle of junk.  Did I mention you want to be the aggressor?

Middle pair is not a folding hand. If your opponent bets into you when you have the middle pair most of the time you have the best hand. Unless he puts a lot of pressure on you with your pair a re-raise will tell you what he has.

Know when to lay it down

Now that you’re the aggressor you have to know when to let it go. Don’t bluff off your whole stack and by any means don’t be afraid to lay a pot down.  Bluffing is important but knowing when to lay it down is even more essential.

Heads up play is the battle of junk and aggression and the person to pick up the most pots will usually end mentally tiring their opponent into a big mistake.

Here is a quick tip sheet on heads up play.

1. Be the aggressor
2. When you are the first to act bet, don’t call
3. Don’t bluff your whole stack away on one pot
4. Its ok to slow down every once in awhile
5. Just about any two cards can be played
6. Don’t slow play your monsters, bet them

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