Sit and Go Poker at High Stakes

Strategy for Upper Limit Poker Games

This article covers the basics of high limit poker and the psychology of how tournament play can bring you to the high stakes level without risking your life savings.

Comfort level becomes hugely different in tournaments than in regular cash games. At cash games you will have much more at risk at any given time. That’s the beauty of playing high stakes Sit and Gos. You can continually move up in stakes and your natural bodily instincts to play scared, tends to be reduced because of fixed tournament chips.

Take a look at all of the best Sit and Go players. I know Justin Bonomo isn’t a great example because of the “incident” but at his peak he was one of the best Sit and Go players. If you’re not familiar with him he’s known for multi-tabling $500 Sit and Go’s. The beauty of it is he started with very little bankroll and moved up. He was also known for cheating but that’s another story.

Because tournament chips are usually a set amount you will find it much easier to push all in and play your normal game when you’re not thinking about, “Damn I hope he doesn’t call my $5,000 bet.” Instead you’re thinking, “I’m all in for 1000 “chips”. Believe it or not psychology plays the biggest part in high stakes poker games.

Sit and go tournaments are also much better for the younger players looking to get into the game at a high stakes level. Players can start off with only $50 and move up to $100-$500 sit and go’s very quickly. Why? Well because overall strategy stays pretty much the same no matter what stakes you’re at.

Some tips to playing at higher stakes are understanding what types of players you’re up against. At mid stakes sit and go’s players tend to play tight/weak poker. Many of them might be like you and are a little afraid at those stakes. There’s nothing to be afraid of, play your normal game and you will succeed at any stakes.

JohnnyBax “Cliff Josephy” has done a wide range of Sit and Go strategy articles for Fox sports. I’ve read and studied just about every one of them. His strategy is pretty consistent with the norm. Play extremely tight at first and start loosing up towards the end. He’s recognized as probably the best online sit and go player and his strategy is just that, very simple.

So don’t make things more complicated when you move up in stakes. Keep doing what made you successful at low stake tournaments and you will be very pleased with your growing bankroll.

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