Common No Limit Mistakes

These mistakes are big and very common at home games where a paid dealer is not present. These mistakes occur nearly every night among amateurs letting pots get distributed incorrectly.  Even if the players know the basic rules of poker these common rules are often overlooked.

High Card Win

When two pair is on the board the highest kicker wins many times the board is played. This means that the high card is on the board and the whole cards are not played. In this instance the pot should be split if the board holds the highest kicker card.

Straight On Board

Very often the river card will make a straight creating a split pot. Many times in all in situations players forget about the chance of a split pot because the board makes the best hand.  Always deal all the cards in hopes that the board will split the pot and don’t muck your cards unless you are CERTAIN it is the losing hand. Always make your opponent show the winning hand before mucking.

Quads Means Five Cards

If the board makes four of a kind then the biggest kicker wins. Remember you need five cards to win. If the board makes “Quads” or four of a kind on the table it is not a split pot and the winner is the one with the high card if the high card is in someone hand and not on the table.

Ace High Flush On Board

When the board draws five cards of the same suit with the highest one being an ace this does not mean the pot is split. The winner goes to the player holding the second largest high card of the same suit.

Betting / Folding Out Of Turn

Players often bet or fold out of turn. This gives your opponents excess information and often angers other players at the table.  You always want to pay attention and wait until the person in front of you acts before you act.  If you prematurely fold many times it will prevoke a bet from another player forcing other players to fold as well.

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