Missing Your Flop Altogether

So many players have no idea what to do when they miss their flop. Playing a hand correctly when you miss your flop is what sets apart a decent player from a fearful player.

Let’s say you bet before the flop with KQ suited. The flop comes J, 3, 9. Most players at this point go, “Damn I missed my flop as usual. I’ll just check and see what happens.” The first person to bet after the flop generally wins the pot. Especially if there are only a few players in. You also have to understand that you still have a gut shot straight draw and a possibility of catching a king or a queen to make top pair. Even if you bet and get called you still have a lot of outs. For the most part betting out will win you the pot anyway.

If you do bet and get called then don’t worry. If you hit your hand your opponent will be clueless as to what you have. Plus betting out gave you a good chance to hit your hand.

Checking after you bet pre-flop is like giving your opponent a break. Unless something really nasty flops in which no matter what card you catch you still won’t win the pot you should always bet after the flop if you bet before it with few callers.

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