Suited Connectors Against Better Players

When playing better players you are going to have to switch gears and continually play different styles. This will throw them off. Playing suited connectors differently is one way to do this.

Against a bad player you generally will just call the blind or even a small raise with suited connectors. Against the more skilled player you can try raising with these types of hands. Your opponent may put you on Ace Jack or something in that nature. If you hit your hand you might be in for a big payout.

Once you make your hand you will not want to slow down. You would be better off betting into a pot if you flop two pair, a straight draw, or even a straight. There are so many possibilities with these types of hands that even a good player will be boggled as to what you have.

Example Flop

Let’s say you flopped two pair or a straight for that matter. If you bet the pot your opponent may think you are trying to steal the pot with just over cards. You could possibly get re-raised which would be a great thing. It would be good to just call in this spot. A check on the turn will make you more money than a bet. At this time your opponent was caught trying to take the pot away from you and a check might provoke him to bet again.

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