American Express as a Deposit Option?

Poker sites that accept American Express (Amex) as credit card deposits
American Express credit card is only allowed at few online casinos and poker sites.  As of recently a couple sites are now allowing all new US players to use Amex but it bounces around as being used/then not accepted.

Updated March 28, 2017

Poker Sites and Casinos with Amex Deposits Allowed – The only poker site, casino and sportsbook in one platform to accept Amex. They sometimes require you to deposit by Moneygram or WU 5 (Five) times before depositing with an Amex card. Also, players are reporting a $250min requirement in your account before you can use Amex.

Online Casinos and Amex

There are not many legit online casinos at all that allow American Express to be deposited directly into their casino.  At first there was one site to allow deposits then a few others came along, but now pretty much no trusted casino sites offer this option other than, listed above.

Many sites like Rome have addressed the credit card deposit issue and now have 4 different backup credit card solutions in case one goes down to their credit card success rate, including that of Amex is through the roof. Unfortunately, these sites that ‘accept everything always’ are not legitimate sites and just take your money and run. Avoid Rome Casino at all costs and stick to the trust lists.

Poker sites and Amex

For whatever reason, many sites used to have it but they now keep it in use for the VIP or loyal players.  For now, we are telling people who have no other way to deposit (if their American Express card is declined) to try using western union to deposit for poker or to call the support line at the designated site to have their deposit go through with their credit card.

Why was it allowed at Duplicate Poker?

Duplicate poker was a modified version of Texas Holdem.  The game is basically the same but the way hands are duplicated throughout tournaments makes it a “skill game” hence it is completely legal.  For this reason credit cards like Amex, Visa and Mastercard do not put coding restrictions on deposits which block them from going through.

This all happened quite a few years ago when large companies like Paypal and Western Union decided it was not in their best interests to offer gambling related services.  Smaller banks don’t have these codes but American Express made it so not gambling services could be offered it the games were not deemed skill. Short history lesson, but Duplicate poker ended up going out of business – people want real games not some shady modified game.

Then How do people deposit?

Credit cards are hit or miss at online casinos and poker sites.  According to a few articles, has the largest to date acceptance rate of Visa and Mastercard and now American Express.  The reason credit cards are declined is because the card has a number code which doesn’t allow them to be used at some online casinos and poker sites.

What about Neteller then?

Until early 2007, most people used Neteller to fund their gambling accounts.  When Neteller stopped taking US customers and seized many of their US customers assets a lot of customers lost faith in the company.

This sprung up many other ways to fund gaming accounts.  The use of prepaidteleco companies was widely used.  Each casino has their own designated “website”.  These three sites have since been disabled by the Department of Justice.  They will likely never be used again unless poker funding is considered legal under new legislation, at that point all American Express credit cards will be functioning at the larger poker rooms.

Reviewed by Roger

Online gambling may be illegal in your area.  If it is deemed illegal please use this guide for informational purposes solely.  We explicitly don’t suggest playing at the site (s) mentioned in this review if you are in a banned US state or Amex credit card deposits are not accepted at other poker rooms.

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