Poker and Western Union

How poker players deposit using Western Union

Western Union is very easy to use but the fees kind of suck.  Here are some tips for depositing using Western Union and also the steps to signing up.

Poker Sites with Western Union

* (previously named Bodog, U.S. players only)

Western Union Basic Tips

Before we start there are some basic tips you need to know about Western Union before depositing into your account.

  • The fees at Western Union are kind of high
  • The fees are not set at Western Union.  They vary for each transaction
  • If you choose to use Western Union you must make sure the site you deposit accepts Western Union.

Steps for Western Union and Poker Stars

1. Only some sites like accept Western Union.  For this example we will use BetOnline as an example.

2. After signing up at BetOnline you must go to the cashier page and choose to deposit using Western Union.  From there you will see a button that says, “Instructions on how to send us money through Western Union.”  You need to click that.

3. BetOnline will then email you a NAME that you are going to send the money too.  It will be something like “Jordan Martinez” and the country will usually be Costa Rica or something like that.

4. If you don’t already have a Western Union account you will need to now sign up at  It only takes a couple minutes to register your credit card.

5. After registering you want to choose the option that says “Send Money” then “Send Money in Minutes”.

6. Go through the short steps.  You will now enter the NAME that BetOnline sent you through the email.

7. After you send the money you MUST copy the MTCN number and verify it at the Western Union deposit page at poker stars.  You get there by clicking cashier > buy chips > Western Union > Deposit > “Enter Western Union Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

8. Sit back and wait for the transfer to go through.  It generally takes around 30 minutes if you do it during the day time.

Other Western Union Options

You can also do a Western Union deposit the old fashion way by going to the closest Western Union and transferring the money to the name and country that the poker site gave you. Just make sure you keep the receipt with the MCTN number on it.

Alternatives to WU

One alternative but similar option as Western Union is Moneygram.  They are a competitor of WU but the fees are much less.  Where as WU charges you on the amount you deposit and where you send the money, Moneygram only charges a flat fee of $9.95.  It is more logical to make one large or simply larger deposits using Moneygram.

Other Deposit Options
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