Full Tilt Poker Review

Full Tilt Poker Review Cliff Notes
  • Purchased by PokerStars after massive fraud
  • We do not recommend until all funds have been repaid to players
  • US players funds are currently frozen awaiting redistribution
Bonus 100% up to $600

Full Tilt Poker Review

In light of legal prosecutions Full Tilt Poker closed to US players in April of 2011.  They have since re-launched under management of PokerStars after a 9 figure bailout. We are not recommending this site until ALL USA player funds are recovered from the Department of Justice. All links to Full Tilt Poker will go to Betonline for the time being. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

FullTiltPoker’s software is downloadable for Mac and Windows. Fulltiltpoker.com is no longer accepting US players and does not have Linux poker software capabilities at this time.

There are two seperate versions of the poker software. One is for Mac and the other for Windows. Remember you need 10.3 or later if you want to play Full Tilt Poker on a Mac.

Full Tilt Deposit Methods

Full Tilt uses echecks which is also called Quick Deposit, cash transfer, C2pay and credit cards as their major US deposit providers.  They recently added an ewallet called and quicktender.  Withdraws are primarily done by check. A max of $10,000 can be withdrawn per week via checks. Bank wire withdraws can be processed if the cashout is in excess of $25,000. International players have more options.

Full Tilt for Mac

After following the link we provided you will see a button at Full Tilt that says “Download”. That’s it, Full Tilt Poker’s website will detect you are on a Mac and send you to the correct place to download from. You need Mac OS 10.3.9 or greater. Full Tilt is one of the only Mac compatible poker sites we have accepting American players at this point.

Fulltiltpoker.com for Linux

Linux poker players wanting to run the software must either run Wine or perform a dual boot to play at Fulltiltpoker.

Full Tilt Poker.com Bonus Codes

Use the Fulltiltpoker sign up bonus code “Macintosh” if you want to get the 100% up to $600 sign up bonus. Windows users can use sign up bonus code “600SPOT” for the $600 bonus. These bonus codes do not expire. The bonus is released at increments of 10% of your deposit up to $20. Assuming you deposit the full $600 you will get $20 released at a time. We go more in depth about the Full tilt poker referral code at our bonus and promotional pages.

High Stakes Games

Fulltiltpoker has the highest stake games for poker players. Their NL games reach up to $500/$1000 blinds and $2000/$4000 for Limit games.  Players generally buy in with $10,000 to $100,000 at these tables. The only players that usually play these stakes are the pros. You will often see amateurs buy in with a couple thousand but generally lose it quickly.

FullTilt also had a good showing at the 2006-2009 World Series of Poker with all their pros placing high in the money, which is one reason Full Tilt Poker became so popular since being launched in 2004. Expect a lot of new players (fish) to be hanging around here in the next couple months.

Best Attributes

Full Tilt Poker actively recruits big name poker pros to FullTilt Poker. The only thing is they dont play less than $5,000 cash games most of the time. A lot of the times Phil Ivey will sit at the “Play Money” tables to interact with the players. He seems like a very good person and a true attribute to Fulltiltpoker.

To find the pros at Full Tilt search for tables in the lobby that are highlighted in RED.

Worst Attributes

We could not find anything bad about Fulltilt Poker. The software runs great and they have everything you could want in an online poker room. After carefully reviewing their tournament structure I just found out you can only play 9 man tables. Very disappointing as it just doesn’t feel the same playing 9 instead of 10 man games. Not too sure why they only offer 9 player Sit n Go’s.

Tight or Aggressive at Full Tilt Poker

It’s an overall moderately aggressive room. A lot of the players watch the pros play and try to take that down to the lower staked cash games so they can be pretty aggressive sometimes.  There is something new called “Rush Poker” where you never have to wait.  If you don’t like your hand you can fold it, and you’ll be moved to a new seat at a different table.  It’s pretty innovative, but at the same time I didn’t like it because you’re never playing the same person and players tend to only play the nuts and big pairs.

Bad Beat Factor at Full Tilt

Players aren’t overly aggressive so the bad beat factor stays pretty low to moderate with people usually only calling with premium hands. Players will call with small pairs and suited connectors trying to bust you.

Freerolls at Full Tilt Poker

The freerolls run daily but the prizes are not too big. You get points that you can use towards the free rolls and you can rack up these points pretty quickly.  Points can also be used in the store.  Despite the cheesy stuff you get for being a low stake player, I have a few Full Tilt trash cans in my house… I would suggest saving the points for the bigger freerolls or store items.

Bonus Requirements for FullTiltPoker

The bonus at Fulltiltpoker is $600 using sing up code “Macintosh“. A lot of the time Full Tilt will have raffles for some cool gifts. The best one I saw was their Apple a day give away. Our bonus code guarantees that you will receive entry into any raffles during your sign up.

What’s Unique at FullTiltPoker

Playing poker with the pros is very unique. The pros are well known professionals unlike places like Poker Stars where you are playing “Famous” pros if you know what I mean. You can play or watch guys like Phil Ivey, John Dagostino, or John Juanda at Fulltiltpoker.

Something I’ve always enjoyed at Full Tilt Poker are their “Articles from the Pros”. Throughout the month Full Tilt has their poker pros write articles on how they play certain hands. There are some real gems in those articles and I highly suggest taking a look at the archive. On the homepage there is a section that says “Our Team“. The article page is in that drop down section.

Fulltiltpoker.com Mac System Requirements

Mac OS 10.3.9 or later

Must have 800 Mhz speed or quicker

512MB or Ram or more

At least 10 Mega Bytes of free space

100% up to $600
Email only
Live Chat:
Full Tilt Poker
Bonus 100% up to $600.
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