Poker Stars

Poker Stars Cliff Notes
  • Now officially the largest poker site on the internet by far
  • No waiting to play in bigger or smaller tournaments like other sites
  • The stopped accepting US players but hopefully will be back in the USA soon
Bonus 100% up to $600

PokerStars Review

In recent developments, Pokerstars has shut down to poker players from the United States.  Do to legal issues, you must play somewhere else.

Pokerstars is finally Mac compatible with the following Mac version.  For a 100% up to $600 bonus use marketing code “CPOKERMAC50” then “stars600″ in the bonus code section. It is best to use echecks to deposit as most credit cards are rejected by US customers.  This is the best Poker stars marketing code available at the moment. We recommend this site to Windows and Linux users running Wine as well! 

Western Union and Poker Stars does accept Western Union deposits.  We have devised a step by step guide on how to use Western Union for poker deposits. But, By far the easiest way to deposit, depending on what country you are from is by Credit Cards.

Poker Stars Bonus

There is a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus at Poker Stars.  Use marketing code “compoklp”

Poker Stars Freerolls

You need to accumulate Frequent Player Points in order to participate in the freerolls. For the sake of this review we played in a freeroll. It was structured very well. The total prize pool was a little over $500. There were only 36 entrants which was a nice surprise. The player points at Poker Stars took quite awhile to accumulate because you need 900 to participate in the freerolls with a decent pot size. Overall getting points doesn’t take that much time but accumulating around 1,000 does take some time. It is worth saving your points for the better freerolls.

Best Attributes of Poker Stars

Watching and interacting with the pros on the website is their best feature. They have mostly World Series of Poker pros on the tables. Most of the pros are what I call celebrity pros.

Worst Attribute of Pokerstars

They don’t accept US players. When Full Tilt was open I actually thought they had better software, but Poker Stars is pretty big (the biggest) so I guess most people like the software, I never really did.

Poker Stars Bad Beat Factor

From our experience the players at the lower level games were pretty tight so the bad beat factor wasn’t god awful like at some poker rooms. Low stake games will always bring bad beats because of worse players. The bigger games at Poker Stars were good games with a low bad beat factor.

Stake Levels

They have games for all sorts of players. There were plenty of micro games and a good amount of mid staked games. The big stakes were not there. The largest cash games they had were the $10/20 NL games and up. Also the $100/200 Limit tables were pretty popular.

What’s Unique at PokerStars?

Having the ability to play with World Series of Poker champions is a neat concept for players. When you can find them they are usually playing upper staked games but sometimes will play mid staked games to give amateurs a chance to play with them. It’s good interaction and fun to chat with the “Champs”.

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100% up to $600
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Bonus 100% up to $600.
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