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Online Poker Ebook Guide

These chapters were originally in pdf form and sold as a “Beginners Guide to Online Poker”.  We now offer it for all our visitors. In reality these are the type of poker players you should be stalking down. If you don’t know what a fish is, chances are you probably are on so time to get reading!

These once ebook pages are for the beginning online poker player to get accustomed to online poker and its nuances. Hopefully it will save you some money before you begin the long but fun trip to winning at online poker.

Chapter 1

Online vs Live Poker Strategy

Chapter 2

Online Poker – Cheating

Chapter 3

Online Poker Tells

Chapter 4

Checking Hand History

Chapter 5

Online Poker Sit n Go Strategy

Chapter 6

Buddy Lists and Note Taking

Chapter 7

Playing Multiple Tables Online

Chapter 8

Picking a Poker Room

Chapter 9

How to Win at Online Poker – Top 10 Tips

Chapter 10

Beginners Guide to Online Poker – Top 9 Tips

Chapter 11

Mistakes Made by Online Poker Players – Top 10 Tips

Chapter 12

Sit and Go Poker Online From the Trenches – Top 10 Tips

Chapter 13

Online Poker Bonus Hunting Guide – Mac Compliant

Chapter 14

Basic Online Poker Slang

The Online Poker Ebook

This guide was made for basic strategy regarding online poker.  It goes into detail about the specifics and characteristic of online poker and little tips you want to know for improving your ROI (return on investment) when playing online.

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