Online Poker Chat Abbreviations

Chapter 14

With this being the last chapter of our ebook, we’ll finish it off with common slang and poker abbreviations. I remember the first time someone typed in LOL. For the longest time I thought people were saying “Lots of Love”. Turns out it means lots of laughs.  Lol.

Also anytime someone uses capital letters it means they are screaming. Here are some other internet poker chat-slang words used.


Poker Acronyms & Abbreviations

  • np – nice play or no problem
  • bb – big blind or bad beat
  • ty – thank you
  • utg – under the gun – means first to act
  • iirc – if I remember correctly
  • lmao – laugh my ass off
  • wtf – what the fuck
  • fu – fuck you
  • qft – quoted for truth
  • nh – nice hand
  • hu – heads up
  • sh – short handed
  • he – holdem
  • gg – good game
  • lol – lots of laughs
  • poc – piece of crap
  • ftw – for the win OR f#($ the world OR for the record
  • a hi – ace high
  • nl – no limit
  • ss – short stacked
  • btw – by the way
  • br – bank roll – means how much money you have to play with
  • imo – in my opinion
  • brb – be right back

Basic Poker Terminology

  • Rake – The amount the poker site takes every hand. Most sites don’t take more than $3 per pot.
  • Big Blind – In each round players must put in a blind. The big blind is usually equal to 1/100 of the max buy-in.
  • Buy-in – How much you can bring to the table. Also means how much it costs to enter a tournament.
  • $20 + $2 – The twenty would mean $20 goes into the prize pool. The other plus $2 is the tournament fee which the poker room takes for maintenance.
  • Sit and Go – A tournament that consists of 10, 20, or 30 players. Each person must buy-in and the top 3 for a ten player event will split the prize pool. First place gets 5 times the buy-in. Second place gets 3 times the buy-in and third place gets 2 times the buy-in.
  • Multi-Table – A tournament with up to 2000 players in the field.
  • Multi-Tabling – Playing more than one table at a time. Some players use more than two monitors to multi-table.
  • Lobby – Where you can access the tournaments and table listings. This is also the best place to sort tables and look for tables that suit your playing style.
  • Scanning – Using cheat software to see other players cards. No confirmed reports of this have ever been uncovered.
  • Going South – Players scoring big and instantly leaving. This is very common online.
  • Reload Bonus – Bonus money you receive for depositing. Reload bonuses are different from initial deposit bonus.
  • Deposit Bonus – Money given to you for the first time depositing at a poker room. This bonus is usually the largest you will get.
  • Raked Hands – Each time you play a hand money is taken out of the pot. Each hand where money is taken out is considered a raked hand. Used to calculate the release of your bonus money.

Hope these terms help you discover what the heck people are talking about at the virtual poker tables.


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