Flopping A Draw With Your Hand

When you flop a draw you must evaluate and understand your opponents. If your opponent likes to check-raise then you would be better off just checking in hopes to catch something.  Also, knowing how to calculate pot odds comes in handy with drawing hands.

Personally, I think betting into draws is a great way to win pots right then and there. If you get called you still have a draw to the nuts where you can win even more money.

If you flop a flush draw because you have more outs of catching you hand than a straight draw you can bet a little more hoping to take the pot right there. Be careful if you do catch you flush and someone is just calling your bets. Either they could have top pair with a poor kicker or they could be on a flush draw as well. Typically these are the only types of hands that I will just call in this situation.

When flopping a straight draw you could be more inclined to check your hand if you don’t believe a bet will win you the pot right there. Chances of hitting your straight are slim so don’t put too much money into the pot. Remember, you want to calculate pot odds with these types of hands. Don’t be calling raises for $500 when the pot is only $100!

Want to know the odds of making a straight on the turn or river? Take a look at our poker odds table for more odds.

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