Small Pair Theory before the Flop

It seems a lot of people have different theories on how to play small pairs. Some people like to raise with them and some like to jump limp in. This is our theory on small pairs.

We believe you should just limp in with small pairs for two reasons. The chances of hitting a set on the flop are only 12%. Depending on how much you raise you are potentially still going to get 3 callers. It’s a good chance that one of them will out flop you.

The second reason is that I think it’s better to have more people in with a small pair pre-flop. The more people you have in the more likely that someone flopped top pair. If someone flops top pair then it is likely that you will win even more chips than if you bet them out of the pot with a pre-flop raise.

Heads Up Changes Things

During heads up poker games, your small pair strategy should change.  Heads up matches require more raising so by all means be more aggressive with small pairs during heads up matches.

Drawing Dangers

The only real danger is having someone flop a set with you. This will rarely happen. One other possibility is if your opponent hits a set also. You really don’t have to worry too much about flush draws because if you hit your set you will bet big to hopefully scare out the flush draws. We say hopefully because most bad players will call all-ins with flush draws. Even though the odds are not in their favor it’s a brain dead way to play and that’s just how bad players think.

For these reasons is why we believe if you simply limp in with small pairs you will win even more than if you raised pre-flop.

In general if you are in later position and most people fold up to you this is where we would raise pre-flop. You want to try and take the pot right then and there by taking the blinds.

Small Pair Conclusion

To put it simply just limp in with a small pair in mid or early position. Raise with mid pocket pair in late position if most players folded before you act.  If you would think most players have weak hands and you can steal a sizeable amount of blinds you could put out a large raise in late position and take down the blinds.

Playing small pairs can be really simple or really complicated it depends on how attached you get to your hand.  If you use the strategies above I can guarantee the small pairs will make you a butt load of money.

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