Straight and Flush Draws

With a straight and flush draw you have a monster draw. If you are open ended you have an even bigger draw. There are a lot of variables to consider when playing these types of hands but you can be confident in your hand in either case.

There is a good chance if you have an open ended straight and a flush draw that you are going to be 50/50 to win the pot. It always depends on what two cards you are holding that will determine your type of play.  In high stake sit n go tournaments I tend to go to the end of the world with these hands.

Not Open-ended with Flush Draw

This is a big hand but not as big as you think. The chances of hitting your straight are going to be very rare. With a gut shot you only have 4 cards that you can catch to make the straight so you will be relying heavily on making that 5th suit. ou shouldn’t go too far with this hand if you are just calling. This hand is more powerful if you are putting pressure on your opponent to fold. In this hand if you are forced to call too much you should fold it.

Also consider what two types of cards you are holding. If your cards are bigger than the board such as you hold Q,K and the board is J,10,8 then you could possibly have more outs.

Open ended and Flush Draw

These types of hands are great because you can put a ton of pressure on your opponent. Even if you are getting re-raised this hand is still a monster and you can verify calling a large portion of your stack.

If you had over cards like we stated earlier your hand is much more powerful. With these types of hands you want to play back at your opponent. If you don’t get them to fold there is a very good chance you will beat them on the turn or river.

When to Fold These Hands

Both flush and straight draws become much less powerful when a lot of players have limped in before the flop and there is a pair on the board. Generally with a pair on the board and a lot of callers your hand will not be safe with a full house lurking.

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