Multitable Poker Strategy “Big Tourney Guide”

Getting into some multitable tournament play is a great way to make a lot of money for a relatively small buy-in. There are a few different types of multitable tournaments.

Some players like to play multitable events to win a spot into a bigger tourney.These satellite tournaments are a good way to make it into larger events with a cheap buy-in. A lot of people do this for the WSOP qualifiers. In fact that is how Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker did it. Joseph Hachem broke that trend as he bought in directly into the event in 2005.

The other type of mutitable games are strictly cash buy-ins to win cash and not a seat into another event. Common online multi-table tournaments are the Guaranteed events. The Guaranteed payouts can reach over $500,000 which Party Poker is known for.  They also opened up a quick play version for Mac and poker Linux tournament players. The big guaranteed events are the best tournaments to play in because the poker site will guarantee the prize pool no matter how many people enter.

Let’s talk about some strategy for playing in these multitable tournaments.

Early in the Game

Amateur players usually get the wrong concept on how to play multitable tournaments early in the game. New multitablers think that you should be really aggressive in the beginning of tournaments in hopes for a quick double up. Yes it’s great to double up early but this is by no means the correct strategy.

Early in the tourney you want to be very patient. There is really no point in being aggressive early in the game because the blinds are still so low. Let other people play stupid and get knocked out.

Early in the game you’ve got a better chance to build your stack by waiting for premium hands. Play your big hands hard. Playing your big pairs aggressive will protect you from bad beats early on and also give you a chance at an early double up.

Because blinds are so cheap if you can limp in with your marginal sneaky hands like your suited connectors then you will benefit from this as well. Hitting your hand will those types of cards will give you a cheap and risk free way of doubling through your opponent. Patience is a virtue early in the game.

Middle of the Game

If you’ve been slowly building your stack along the way then you’re in good position to move on in the game.Not throwing away valuable blinds by playing trash cards is very important in the middle of the game.You don’t want to be calling in middle or early position with marginal hands.Getting raised out of the hand can really start to chop down your chip stack if you are calling with crap and getting raised out before the flop.

Play pot odds as well.  If the pot warrants a call and you can get good odds on your money then you need to take that risk towards the middle to end of tourneys.

At this point well over half the players that bought in should be eliminated. Time for you to start opening up the hands you would play. If you don’t start playing at this point you will find yourself very low on chips when the blinds get really high.

Don’t be afraid to get all your chips in the middle with a great draw or a strong hand. Put your opponent in rough decisions for all their money. You will begin to pick up sizeable pots.

Late in the Game

Let’s face it if you’re not an aggressive player you will always find yourself finishing low in the money towards the end of the game. You just can’t afford to wait around anymore. You’ve got to be in there stealing valuable blinds and pushing other players around. A lot of luck comes into the game at this point.

If you are not getting good starting hands then it will make this part of the game extremely hard. The whole theory about multitable tournaments is that you want to be average in chip stacks until towards the end of the game. At the end of the game you really need to get some good hands and be aggressive to take it home.

Play your opponents and take advantage of their weaknesses. If you notice that a player always bets big if he feels players are limping in before him then slow play your big hands. Re-raise the crap out of these players. Not only will you take down that pot but it will make him think next time he tries to steal the blinds. You’ve got to understand when you are beat in a hand with a good amount of your chips in that it is ok to fold.

Remember, its aggression not psychotic aggression. I also added a section for marginal hand multi-table strategy late in the game. Playing marginal hands late in the game is extremely important so we devoted a new page solely for that strategy.

On Your Way

I hope this article helps you in determining your best strategy in playing mult-table tournaments. Remember you can’t win or even place in every tournament you play in. You want to leave yourself with enough money where you can play in a couple of these events so if you bust out you can always play another one. If you’re strapped for cash split the buy-in with a friend.

These tournaments can take hours to finish and switching off with a friend will reduce your risk and keep you guys on your toes. Overall just have fun and be patient. The money will come eventually and be prepared because it will be a lot.

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