Online Poker Using Virtual PC

Mac poker and Windows simulation – Why Virtual PC is Needed

Apple users love their Macs for a variety of different reasons but because the computer world comprises of mult-platform components Windows is sometimes needed. Let’s face it, Mac gaming can sometimes be an issue. Fortunately for Mac users Virtual PC can sometimes alleviate those problems.

Update: A no download Party Poker software has been launched and can be played on a Mac. Poker for Linux can be accomplished with this no download version. If you prefer to use VPC to play the download form then continue with the following steps.

Virtual PC is a software component for Mac users or other operating systems that need to run Windows based programs. In our case it would be online poker software such as Party Poker. VPC is the only way to become a Mac Party Poker player. You will find that most online poker rooms were built for Windows users. If you’re not familiar with computer operating systems Macs use OS X to run software programs and do daily stuff. Computers like Dells, Sony, and Hewlett Packard typically use Microsoft Windows.

Mac OS X users are such a small part of the operating system pie that online poker rooms build their software for Windows instead of OS X which is probably what you use if you are a Mac user. It is very expensive for poker rooms to build mult-platform software programs.

How Virtual PC Works

Virtual PC is made by Microsoft and will allow Mac users to run both OS X and Windows on the same computer. Once Virtual PC and Windows are installed on your Mac the process is quite simple. When you start your Mac you will see a small screen within your Mac that displays the Windows operating system. You can then pick which one you want to use. If you want to play poker you would choose the Windows screen. If you just want to browse the internet you would choose your Mac desktop.

Once you have Virtual PC and Windows in place you just need to download the software at the poker room. You will be able to just click the download button at the poker site and the download will automatically begin in Windows.

Positives of Virtual PC

Besides the obvious of being able to run Windows programs Virtual PC has more capabilities. User can copy text or graphic files from OS X to Windows or vice versa. This can be great for web and graphics designers.

Installing Virtual PC

1. Relax Virtual PC is very easy to install.

2. Purchase Virtual PC from Microsoft. If you do not already have a Windows package we suggest purchasing Virtual PC and Windows in the bundle package. It makes setup much easier.

3. Install Virtual PC using the installation CD given to you when you purchase the software.

4. Once you install Virtual PC Internet Explorer will automatically configure itself so that you can instantly use Windows and begin exploring on Internet Explorer.

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How Much VPC Costs

Virtual PC can be quite expensive. If you do not already have Windows you will need to purchase both Virtual PC and Windows XP Home edition or higher. If you already have Windows then Virtual PC is pretty cheap. Here are the different prices for Virtual PC and combos of VPC and Windows.

Virtual PC for Mac 7.0 – $69.99

Virtual PC 7 & Windows XP Home Edition $97.99

Virtual PC 7 & Windows XP Professional $74.99

We do not suggest getting the professional edition along with VPC because you probably do not need it. Generally you probably already have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your Mac OS X desktop so it really is not necessary to buy it again for Windows. Save some of that money for the poker room and just get the basic VPC 7 with Windows Home Edition.

Problems with Virtual PC

– Users have complained that VPC is slow and glitchy.

– Some users have also said their VPC Windows programs now have viruses and bugs

– While playing online poker VPC users said the software ran a little slow but not too slow that it was unbearable.

– Overall complaints seemed to agree that the system is very slow compared to their Mac OS X. Many users did say they liked the system but it could definitely be a lot faster.

Note: Partypoker and Pokerstars have been said to run the best using Virtual PC.

If you choose not to buy VPC we have the list of all the Mac compatible online poker rooms without having to use VPC at the Mac OS X poker page.

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